Welcome to Gulf Coast Wellness of Pensacola, Florida!  We are experts in drug-free medicine to help you get well, stay well and live well.

It is our mission to help people recover from pain, illness and injury using an integrated, holistic medical approach. We are especially called to serve those patients who have been told their conditions are hopeless or for whom conventional medical treatments have failed.

The purpose of our web page is to educate the public about medicine and natural healthcare, to create connections to other valid resources in these fields and to inform potential patients of our philosophy and specific approach. We are fairly new to this technological world, so we welcome feedback on how we can learn and grow to better reflect our values.

If you’re new to Gulf Coast Wellness or new to Functional/Holistic Medicine here are some good places to start:

Myths and Facts about Chinese Medicine

What is an Acupuncture Physician?

Acupuncture Done Correctly Gets Results

What to Expect at Your First Visit

Collards with Ham hocks Recipe

Dr. Shark’s Story

Natural Treatments for Depression

You can also use the Search bar, Categories links and Tags on the right (or the bottom if you’re on a mobile device) to find articles relevant to you! Feel free to comment and ask questions. We’ll be starting up a video blog in the new year, and we’ll be picking topics and questions from the comments to address each week.

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