Welcome to Gulf Coast Wellness of Pensacola, Florida!  We are experts in drug-free medicine to help you get well, stay well and live well.

It is our mission to help people recover from pain, illness and injury using an integrated, holistic medical approach. We are especially called to serve those patients who have been told their conditions are hopeless or for whom conventional medical treatments have failed.

The purpose of our web page is to educate the public about medicine and natural healthcare, to create connections to other valid resources in these fields and to inform potential patients of our philosophy and specific approach. We are fairly new to this technological world, so we welcome feedback on how we can learn and grow to better reflect our values.

If you’re new to Gulf Coast Wellness or new to Functional/Holistic Medicine here are some good places to start:

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Natural Treatments for Depression

You can also use the Search bar, Categories links and Tags on the right (or the bottom if you’re on a mobile device) to find articles relevant to you! Feel free to comment and ask questions. We’ll be starting up a video blog in the new year, and we’ll be picking topics and questions from the comments to address each week.

9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Kylee Cranston

    I am interested in acupuncture to help reliwve my severe TMJ pain. My dentist said botox treatments would be a good option but id rather try something holistic. Is this something you all can work with?

    • PeterShark

      We get great results with TMJ, as with most other pain. Ultimately this problem usually comes from either neck stiffness or, lesser known, sinus congestion. We can evaluate you for the likely cause and get you on a treatment plan to help!

  2. Kaitlyn


    I am interested in taking my health and well being back into my own hands and out of the hands of unnecessary chemicals and pharmaceuticals. I want to focus on self sufficiency first and foremost, what I should be eating vs not, supplements to take, etc. I stopped taking birth control 7 weeks ago and my body is just utterly confused and now I have started breaking out. Not fun. I also feel that my digestion is not optimal (which is not helping the acne one bit). As much as I love acupuncture and other healing therapies, my bank account has yet to catch up with my heart, so I am looking for a practitioner to offer advice and herbs that I can take/do at home, supplementing that home care with apts every 6 or 8 weeks. Do you feel that those goals are in line with what you offer? If so, what is your pricing outline?



  3. Hi Dr. Shark,

    Great video above…I’ve shared offices with two acupuncturists over the last 26 years, and did not understand the correct meaning of qi. I recently relocated to Pensacola from Colorado and am looking to share office space with an acupuncturist and wellness environment. I do therapeutic massage, lymphedema management, and health coaching. My specialty is gut health, and healthy lifestyle.

    Could you please let me know if you have any space available for rent?

    • PeterShark

      I have done a video on this topic. Dry needling

      Since recording this video the courts have ruled that Physical Therapists practicing Dry Needling are actually practicing Acupuncture without a license! They do not have the training or scope of practice to do this.

      I promise you’re in far better hands with someone who is fully trained to treat your pain!

  4. Kathleen Jeter

    Thankyou ! The best explanation of Qi I have ever heard, What a wonderful source of information you have you have provided , I’ll be in touch after the holidays I’d like to make an appointment .

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