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This video has inspired me to start a happiness community here on the Wood Tiger Acupuncture Blog. It suggests five simple things that, when done daily for 21 days, have a measurable impact on your happiness AND your brain function!

Take the 21 day happiness challenge with us, and join us in the discussion!

What to do:

1. Watch the video

2. Write down the 5 suggestions

3. Get a notebook or journal to record each of the 5 things daily

4. Start! And start posting your comments here!
The official start date is March 12th, but feel free to start getting happy now!

13 thoughts on “Happiness Forum

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    • Wood Tiger Acupuncture

      Not sure what tart cherry has to do with our Happiness experiment, but I watched your video anyway!

    • Wood Tiger Acupuncture

      So glad you liked it! We’ll try to keep the information coming, so we can start a lively and informed community!

  2. Wood Tiger Acupuncture

    Well, I’ve been doing this for just under a week. I have done many of these suggestions before: exercise, meditation, gratitude lists–but I’ve never specifically made an effort to do them all every day.

    I don’t know if it’s my mental emphasis on putting happiness at such a high priority or the activities themselves, but I woke up Friday morning and my very first thought was, “YES!” I was so excited to start my day.

    Stay tuned for more–and I’d love to hear your experiences: good, bad or indifferent!

    • That’s so funny about your ‘yes’ morning. I woke up on day 2 thinking, ‘yay’ when normally, i wish i just had a few more minutes of sleep. the first day was super easy, and it’s been a little tougher since, but I’m still doing it. thanks for the idea!

      • Wood Tiger Acupuncture

        It is tough to stay consistent. I got really frustrated, because I left my happiness journal at work last night (I usually write everything down at night). My wife was laughing and laughing at me for getting mad, because I couldn’t do my happiness exercises!

        I settled for a compromise and did them on a blank sheet of paper!

  3. Wood Tiger Acupuncture

    I’ve talked with some other participants, and it seems like the sudden feeling of happiness or gratitude is pretty common somewhere near the end of the first week of consistent practice! It’s so amazing that something so simple could have such a profound effect on a person’s perception of life.
    I downloaded a great meditation timer: Insight Timer Meditation Timer. It’s available on apple and Android platforms. It has really nice souding bells and the option of interval bells–which I find helpful if my mind is tending to wander more that day.
    For me, the toughest part has been the act of kindness. I’m sure I do many kind things in a day. The video suggests specifically sending a thank you email, but I can’t always think of someone to thank.
    Has anyone else come up with some other ideas? I’d love to have some options to run through!

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