Mashed Carrots

Mashed Carrots

You will need:

Carrots (Peeled)

½ lb duck fat, lard or lard butter

Filtered water

Large steaming pot

Large mixing bowl

Immersion blender or potato masher


  1. Pour a few inches of filtered water into the steaming pot. Put on high heat and cover.
  2. Chop and peel carrots. Place in steamer basket.
  3. Put basket into pot and cook on high until lid starts to jostle. Turn down until lid is settled.
  4. Steam for 10-20 minutes, until carrots are very soft. Don’t worry about overcooking.
  5. Dump fat into large mixing bowl and pour hot carrots on top.
  6. Blend or mash until there are no large chunks.
  7. Eat hot or place in Tupperware or jar in fridge.
  8. Salt to taste.

Optional:  mix in fresh ginger juice