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The first step for every potential new patient is a short (5-10 minute) phone interview, and the fastest way to get that scheduled is to text us at 850-390-0774 with your name, phone number and some good times to get a hold of you.

Not sure what to say? You can cut and paste this message and input your info:

Hi, my name is _____________, and I’m interested in finding out if your clinic can help me. My phone number is ________, and the best times to get a hold of me are ____(days) between ______ (time) and ______(time).

If you don’t text, that’s okay! Just give us a call or email Niko directly at; she does all our phone interviews.

If you call and don’t catch us, please be sure to leave us a message. Feel free to use the script above, if you’re not sure what to say.

Gulf Coast Wellness

1215 W Garden St., Pensacola, FL 32502


Niko Shark:

PS leaving a comment in the box below will eventually will get us an email, but it’s the slowest way to get our attention

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